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As true specialists in ducted heating and cooling systems in the Brisbane area, Quality Air is able to provide you with an unbiased opinion on the best cooling and heating solution for your home or office. By working with renowned air conditioner manufacturers, such as Fujitsu, LG, Panasonic, Actron Air, Mitsubishi and Daikin, we can design a system to suit your home or office within your budget parameters. Only working with trusted companies allows us to offer you full 5-year warranties on our installation and air conditioning equipment.

What is ducted air conditioning?

When cooling or heating your home, ducted air conditioning gives you the control over which rooms and zones to be used. A maximum of 10 zones can be used to circulate air throughout your home. The two main components of a ducted air conditioning system are the outdoor condenser unit and the indoor fan coil unit pushes air throughout the house. These units are connected by two refrigerant lines.

How an air conditioner works


Why ducted heating and cooling?

  • Cool or your home
  • One system for the entire house or office
  • More energy efficient than traditional heating and cooling methods

Ducted air conditioning gives us the ability to control the home or office climate through the use of adjusting temperature, air quality and airflow in warm or cold conditions.


  • Best Ducted Air Conditioning Brands

    Installing systems in QLD since 1988, we are proven specialists in ducted cooling and heating which is how we can suggest accurate solutions for your heating needs. Working with a range of brands this gives us at Quality Air the capability to source ducted units from quality suppliers who are highly reputable companies such as:

    • Actron Air

      Australian designed and built Actron Air provides award winning air conditioning systems. Using innovative technology, they deliver some of the most energy efficient systems available that also comes with a 5-year warranty.

    • Advantage Air

      Advantage Air are well known for their strength and durability. Their systems use advance technology for a customised air flow, providing an energy efficient solution to your air conditioning needs.

    • Daikin

      A leader in reverse cycle air conditioning, Daikin are dedicated to providing comfortable spaces where people live, work and relax. They are also the only air conditioning company with an Asthma Council acceptance.

    • Fujitsu

      Some of the biggest, most innovative buildings are turning to Fujitsu for their air conditioning needs. This is down to their innovative style that offers design flexibility allowing for an efficient system.

    • Hypersan

      Dust, mould, bacteria and viruses can linger in the air around you indoors. Hypersan works to improve your indoor air quality with a high-tech approach that eliminates harmful particles.

    • LG

      Boasting a wide range of products, LG is a well-known brand around the world thanks to their state-of-the-art products. Their air conditioning systems are no exception, with a range to suit all tastes.

    • Mitsubishi Electric

      Mitsubishi is a name synonymous with advanced, quality products. Their air conditioning systems are some of the quietest available, working hard to provide comfort without you even noticing.

    • Panasonic

      You’ll have massive savings with Panasonic products, thanks to their dedication to delivering precision control with their air conditioning systems. Heat or cool your room faster with their inverter models.

    • Samsung

      With products that are easy to use, you know you can’t go wrong with Samsung. Using ducted air conditioning systems, the unobtrusive unit will reliably heat or cool every room in the building.

    • A centralised unit for a whole house solution

      House temperature control is easily achieved through the use of ducted zoning and temperate sensors. This means optimum cooling and heating efficiency with one touch of a button. You can choose the airflow capacity to each room in the home or office with a multi-functioning zone system distributing warm air with up to 10 different zones.

    More energy efficient

    An efficient system is crucial to lowering power usage; using inverter technology has revolutionized how we use air conditioning. There is no longer reason to be afraid of air conditioning costs for the average household as these modern systems are extremely efficient and will quickly reach your desired temperature. Current zoning capabilities are also a convenient way to minimise power usage with vacant rooms not needing airflow, therefore that zoned area can simply be switched off.

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