Our Promise

  • “Don’t pay until you’re 110% happy.”

    Operating for over 30 years and being a small family business, we can give you a 110% guarantee that you will be fully delighted with your installation, that’s why our promise to you is… ‘Don’t pay until you’re 110% happy!’

    All our installation teams are fully qualified in their field, ie electricians, refrigeration mechanics, installers and all hold site licences. You can be rest assured that not only will your installation be fully trouble free, but your home or project will be left exactly the way it was, just quite simply, more comfortable!

    • Quality Air, “are the ducted air conditioning experts”

      Our team here at Quality Air have over 50 years combined experience in not only installing; but design, consultation and engineering. Design is one of the most important aspects to ensure you get the ultimate efficiency for your dollar. Not being tied to any particular brand, except those that are proven and quality guaranteed, allows us to offer you the best suitable equipment to your individual Air Conditioning situation.

      We know all the shortcuts that could be taken to reduce the price, but we also know these will show up in the near future, and result in further costly repair work, so unlike other competitors we choose not to take this path but instead use the best quality duct, equipment, materials and labour no matter what. This way we can comfortably provide you our promise, knowing that you will be comfortable using Quality Air and recommending our family business, Quality Air to others.

    • Call Me Back!

      Typical response time: under 60 minutes (during business hours)