Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

Having your commercial air conditioning system serviced regularly is very important, especially if you have multiple system units in your building. Commercial systems generally require more maintenance compared to a residential system as they are used on a much larger scale and are often much larger and more powerful systems. The most efficient way to keep air conditioning costs down is to keep each unit well maintained. This is to balance the workload/power usage so one unit doesn’t have to work harder than the other, minimising potential stress on the units which will avoid potential system failures and costly repairs.

Quality Air highly recommend having your commercial air conditioning system added to our recurring service program and having your commercial air conditioning serviced every six months at a minimum, to maintain it’s efficiency and increase it’s lifespan. An air conditioning system is an intelligent operating machine that requires maintenance to have great performance, just like any electronic machine. A well-maintained air conditioning system provides consistent and comfortable cooling, enhancing your overall comfort and wellbeing for yourself and staff during hot months and can address minor issues early before they potentially escalate into major problems. Continue reading to find out more about our servicing routines and to book your commercial full comprehensive service.

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Recurring Commercial Services

Quality Air provides an easy, set and forget recurring service program for our commercial clients. Once we have visited your commercial site for the first time and have inspected the systems usage and condition, we will recommend how often your commercial needs servicing and can also offer frequent filter check and cleans for additional system care. Once set up, each appointment will be scheduled with you and our techs will arrive onsite and perform the relevant maintenance work as per the recurring service agreement. You’ll be provided with a report and any recommendations and it’s as easy as that!

This provides you piece of mind and all year round comfort knowing that your commercial air conditioning system is being looked after by the experts and won’t fail on you when you need it the most!

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