Actron Air

    • Australian Designed and Built
    • Innovative technology
    • Some of the world’s most energy efficient air conditioning
    • Carries a 5 year residential warranty
    • Award winning air conditioning
    • Quality Air is an Actron Air Platinum Dealer
    • Great Actron Air conditioning prices

    Actron Air is not only one of the most effective, energy efficient and quiet ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems in Australia, it is one of the best in the world. A substantial 5 year residential warranty is also provided across their full range of ducted air conditioning systems.

    Actron Connect

    Actron Air have been the leaders in wireless technology for ducted air conditioning. Their innovative approach has you in control of your home comfort 24/7, even when you’re not there. With zone control, timer settings, mode activation including cooling mode, heating mode, auto function and fan only mode.

  • all-four-modes

    All of these functions used remotely wherever there is wiFi. By using either the ActronConnect App on your Apple iOS device or through supported web browsers from most smart phones, tablets or PC/Mac, you can monitor and control your air conditioner from wherever you have internet connectivity.

    You can even upgrade to the ESP Ultima Display and have even more control as you can view the zones in your house, rename the individual zones to what room it is and even select the zones your want on or off.

    Make your home comfortable before you get there

    Whether it’s a cold winter night or a hot summer day, now you can make you home or office the perfect temperature before you even get there.

    ActronConnect gives you total control of your Actron Air ducted air conditioner whether you’re at the footy, the beach, or just about anywhere you get mobile internet connectivity. It also allows you to check indoor temperatures remotely and comes in very handy if you ever forget to turn your air conditioning off!

    Ask our sales team about the ultimate upgrade in comfort and luxury with ActronConnect.

    Award Winning Energy Efficiency

    Actron’s Air ESP Plus ducted air conditioning system has been recognised by the air conditioning industry with the inaugural COOlWorld Award. This prestigious trophy acknowledges an ability to significantly and measurably reduce the impact of air conditioning on the environment.

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    Ask us about your Actron Connect options on 0733957633 or email us sales@qualityac.com.au.

      • The Actron Air ESP Plus has Variable Fan Technology, which can sense when zones are switched on or off and intuitively adjust air flow and system capacity. This delivers the right amount of conditioned air to the zones that are on, decreases excess air velocity and associated noise, and significantly reduces energy usage.

        The ESP Plus can achieve up to 60% more efficiently than the conventional fixed speed technology used and 40% more efficient than a conventional inverter system.

      • ESP Platinum

        For the ultimate in air conditioning comfort, you have the flexibility of controlling different temperatures in different zones in your home with the ESP Platinum. For example, while a rumpus room full of active kids might require a cooler temperature, a lounge room can have a warmer temperature at the same time a baby sleeps comfortably in its bedroom at another different temperature. Both the Zone Controller and Zone Sensor continuously measure the temperature of each zone. No matter what the outside temperature or whether part of the house is bathed in sunlight and other parts shaded, ESP Platinum uses advanced microprocessors to intuitively deliver the right amount of heating or cooling to these zones.

      • Energy Smart Zoning incorporates Variable Fan Technology to automatically adjust airflow. It is so intelligent that it can even allow you to run your air conditioning down to only one zone.

        Ideal for those hot summer nights when you only want to keep your bedroom cool without wasting energy air conditioning the rest of the house. Indoor sound levels are also reduced.

        The ESP Platinum can achieve up to 75% more efficiency than the conventional fixed speed technology used and 50% more efficient than a conventional inverter system.

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