• Since 1988, Quality Air has proudly been serving Brisbane and its surrounding areas. In that time, we’ve supplied thousands of reliable air conditioning systems in both residential and commercial buildings. Each building Quality Air has worked with is unique, and therefore our work is too. We take the time to assess every building and understand the needs of those occupying it before coming up with a plan. You’ll see our dedication to providing tailored solutions in our various projects here in our Portfolio.

    We have many returning clients, including builders who use us as their trusted air conditioning system supplier. Our clients know that we can continuously provide a reliable service for the buildings, no matter how big or small they are. From single story homes to multiple stories with multiple zones and widespread floor plans, Quality Air will supply the same excellence in service and products each and every time.

    In our Portfolio, you will find a wide range of buildings, each having their own unique system installed with the products that suit their needs best. You’ll discover what the client’s needs were and how we created the perfect plan for them. The plans include the building details and any special features that have been added, like wi-fi control. You will find why we chose certain units and the outcome of each project. We also talk about the installation process, showing we can tackle any design to bring an efficient air conditioning system. No two of our projects are the same.

    Feel free to contact us with any questions about the work we have done and to find out how your building could be the next to benefit from an air conditioning system from Quality Air!


  • Residential Projects

    • Preston Residential Project

      This single storey family home needed an “awesome” air conditioning system. From the start to the very end, we made sure our client was happy with the entire process. After careful inspection, we came up with four solutions we felt were best for the client. The end result was a simple-to-use air conditioning system that the client is thrilled with.

    • Wakerley Residential Project

      We needed to make sure that this dream home didn’t just look great, but was also comfortable all year round for the client and their family. The goal was for an energy efficient solution to heating and cooling for the 18 zones. In addition to an efficient system, we aimed to make it modern too.

    • Paddington Residential Project

      A sophisticated system was needed to help this two-storey townhouse beat the Australian heat. We kept the client aware of every step of the process, which included the installation of a Fujitsu unit that fit her needs perfectly. Installation was quick and straightforward, leaving the homeowner able to enjoy her new home.

    • Raby Bay Residential Project

      This project included turning three split systems into one ducted air conditioning solution while adding a touch of luxury to the home. We provided the perfect energy efficient system to replace that electric-consuming split system thanks to Samsung and Advantage Air. The system came with all the bells and whistles of a modern system.

  • Commercial Projects

    • Morningside Commercial Project – MOG Builders

      In one of our many projects with MOG Builders, we installed a ducted air conditioning system in a new build in Morningside. The homes here are some of the loveliest in the area and deserved to be enjoyed comfortably with a top-of-the-line air conditioning system. This was achieved with Samsung and Advantage Air, complete with high-tech meters.

    • Morningside Commercial Project – Muggeridge Constructions

      Muggeridge needed to supply air conditioning to three units in Morningside and trusted us with the task of delivering the best product available within their budget. We didn’t disappoint thanks to Fujitsu and Advantage Air. This included a programmable wall mount control unit, adding a sense of sophistication.

    • Rochedale Commercial Project – Neobuild

      Working alongside Neobuild and their client, we were able to deliver the best air conditioning system to a new build in Rochedale. A reverse cycle duct air conditioning system from Samsung and Advantage Air helps bring comfort all year long. We were proud to be able to work with Neobuild and provide a seamless implementation into their already great design.

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