Maintenance & Repairs on your
Air Conditioning System

At Quality Air we highly recommend having your system serviced annually at a minimum, to maintain efficiency and increase lifespan for up to 20 years or more. A ducted air conditioning system is an intelligent operating machine that requires maintenance to have great performance, just like any machine. A service is used to prevent faults in your system in the future.

Residential Servicing

From examining drains for leaks and blockages to checking safety trays, panels for tightness and seal, electronic connections, refrigeration connections and cleaning filters just to name a few, the Quality Air Full Comprehensive Service is the once over your system needs to continue keeping you comfortable all year round.

Commercial Servicing

Quality Air offer a range of different commercial servicing options. Working with industries such as childcare to gyms, industrial work places and large factories, our customer service team are able to provide you with a taliored servicing option which suits you, your team and your air conditioning systems requirements.

Split System Servicing

Regular maintenance, such as vacuuming the filters and having a Quality Air Deluxe Split System Clean completed on your split system to clean the coils and fan blades, is crucial to prevent mold buildup, ensuring that the system operates efficiently and maintains good indoor air quality. 

Time to give your system some TLC?

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Quality Air can only process warranty claims for clients for whom we have installed systems. If your system is still under the 5-year warranty but was not installed by us, we advise you to reach out to the company that performed the installation, as they will have your warranty information on record.

Frequently asked Questions about servicing air conditioning systems

You can read more about how to perform a master reset on your system here.

There are several reasons why your central air unit may have stopped working. Many of these can be prevented by having your air conditioner properly serviced.  Some of the most common reasons your central air stopped working are the following:

  1. There is too much refrigerant in the system or there is a low refrigerant charge
  2. The condenser coils are dirty and need to be cleaned
  3. The system is contaminated
  4. Low oil lubricant
  5. The suction lines are blocked or are not the right size

You can sometimes prevent further damage by watching for the following warning signs:

  1. Strange noises or a shaking system
  2. Warm air blowing through the vents
  3. Circuit breaker frequently trips

Catching issues before they begin will ensure that your air conditioner continues to run throughout the summer. You don’t want to have to wait for a hot and humid week for a technician to service your unit

After installing ducted air conditioning, it is important to understand how to maintain it so that it will stay efficient year after year. Dust, bacteria, and potential rodent droppings can build up over time without proper care. As that air moves through your air con, you could be polluting the air you breathe in your home. Proper cleaning and service will keep your air conditioner pumping clean, cool air into your home.

You should clean your ducted air conditioning filters at least once every 3-4 months depending on the usage of your system and arrange a Full Comprehensive Service with Quality Air at least twice per year. You can frequently check these common signs that your conditioning units need to be serviced:

  • If you seem to get less air-flow from your vents or if the air smells stale or dusty, your vents may be covered in dust or grime. Cleaning them should get your air con back to normal. You should also check the inside of your vent cover for dirt.

  • Check the filter. If it is too dirty, it may need to be cleaned or replaced. Your filter is your first defence against pollutants entering into your home and should be replaced frequently.

  • If you see dust blowing from your vents, it is a sure sign that it needs an air conditioning service.

Maintaining an air conditioner is a big job. Hiring a professional to service your air con will ensure that it is working properly at the beginning of every summer. A proper technician will do more than clean your air conditioner. They will check several things about your air con to make sure it up to standard and ensure it is operating at it’s highest efficiency.

Often, an experienced technician can identify necessary fixes before they become a problem so that you can avoid costly repairs in the middle of summer.

Technicians will often check or perform the following tasks (you should not attempt these on your own):

  • Check the electrical connections and tighten any that have loosened with use

  • Flush the drains

  • Clean both the evaporator coils and condenser thoroughly

  • Check blades and blower wheel for good air flow

  • Clean winder debris from the condenser

  • Clean the ductwork and make any necessary repairs. While you can access some of the ducting and clean it yourself, a professional will have special tools and techniques to clean the whole thing.

  • Check ductwork for moisture. Too much condensation can potentially lead to water damage or mould growth.

  • Check the refrigerant charge and ensure that it is correct

  • Give a full air conditioning service by inspecting the entire unit and fixing anything that needs to be fixed.

The result of a properly serviced air con will be a more efficient machine that produces cooler, cleaner air throughout our hot Brisbane summers.

Breakdowns & Repairs

Sometimes a system failure is unavoidable or may have been caused by external factors out of your or the installers control. Most ducted air conditioning systems will display error codes on the wall control panel if there is a problem. If this happens we suggest you try the master reset on your system. Not sure what the ‘master reset’ is? Learn how to do it here.

If your system is still not working, call us on 07 3395 7633 and one of our staff can walk you through the system reset process or any issues you are having with your system. If we cannot resolve your issues over the phone we will book in a time for one of our technicians to come onsite to solve the problem.

Repair work will often cost the customer a call out fee, the cost of labour and the cost for new parts if required. Often, repair work can be avoided if your system has been serviced annually, which we highly recommend.

We always recommend our customers to consult a technician first before any types of repairs are performed, even if they are only minor. Attempting to restore a defective motor, compressor or any of the above faults yourself is very dangerous and can possibly lead to serious injury or a fatality.  Trying do-it-yourself methods could do more harm to your air conditioning unit than good. Handling exposed wires and cables when you are unqualified violates health and safety codes of practice and should never be performed.

Please call our office on 07 3395 7633 if any of the above major faults occur for more information.

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