Split System Maintenance

Along with servicing and maintaining whole home ducted systems, Quality Air can assist you with your Split System maintenance and repairs.

A split system refers to the two separate parts that make up this style of air conditioning unit; inside and outside. The outdoor unit is installed against the exterior wall, whilst the inside unit is what you will see when you are in the room and where the air will circulate.

Split systems are usually easier to maintain than a whole home ducted system due to their simpler design and individual unit layout, however they are more prone to issues relating to mould growth – continue reading to find out more about our split system servicing routines and to book your annual full comprehensive service.

Mould and mildew in your split system.

Split systems, while effective for cooling and heating, can be prone to issues with mold growth inside the coil and on the fan blades. This vulnerability arises from the moisture that accumulates within the indoor unit during the cooling process. When this moisture lingers, especially in humid environments, it creates a conducive environment for mould to develop. The dark, damp conditions within the indoor unit provide an ideal breeding ground for mold spores. 

Regular maintenance, such as vacuuming the filters and having a Quality Air Deluxe Split System Clean completed to clean the coils and fan blades, is crucial to prevent mold buildup, ensuring that the system operates efficiently and maintains good indoor air quality. 

Time to give your system some TLC?

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We offer two types of split system service bookings, depending on the state of your split system you can choose your option below accordingly. If you have any questions, we recommend you give our customer service team a call on 3395 7633.

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Our Split System Full Comprehensive Service is perfect for an annual check over and filter clean, our technician will carry out a range of different system checks, including examining drains for leaks & blockages, checking panels, electronic connections, gas and oil levels, refrigeration connections and piping, clean the split system filters and ensure they system is in good operating condition. You will receive a Full Comprehensive Service report at the end of the job outlining work complete and any recommendations our qualified technician recommend for your and your system.

Starting at $220/per unit.


Our DELUXE Split System Clean & Full Comprehensive Service is a an absolute gamechanger. Designed for when your system is smelly, mouldy, hardly working and full of all the nasty stuff! Our qualified service technicians will disassemble many system components from the wall-mounted unit and thoroughly clean them using safe, eco-friendly products to guarantee the elimination of all mould and mildew within the system, completely transforming the system from unsafe to sparkling clean! Once clean, we will then carry out a Full Comprehensive Service on the system.

Starting at $370/per unit.

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