Servicing your Residential Air Conditioning System

Quality Air highly recommend having your residential ducted and split systems serviced annually at a minimum, to maintain their efficiency and increase their lifespan. A air conditioning system is an intelligent operating machine that requires maintenance to have great performance, just like any electronic machine. A well-maintained air conditioning system provides consistent and comfortable cooling, enhancing your overall comfort and wellbeing during hot months and can address minor issues early before they potentially escalate into major problems. Continue reading to find out more about our servicing routines and to book your annual full comprehensive service.

During a Full Comprehensive Service, our professional in-house service team will carry out a range of important tasks and system checks. These will includes examining drains for leaks & blockages, safety trays, panels for tightness and seal, electronic connections, gas and oil levels, refrigeration connections and piping, outlet temperatures and piping, outlet temperatures and airflow, cleaning of return air filters and more. You will receive a Full Comprehensive Service report at the completion of the job outlining the work complete, pictures of your return air filter before and after the clean and any recommendations our qualified technicians have for you and your system.

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Dirty coils and filters in an air conditioning system will reduce system efficiency and lead to poor indoor air quality. Having your annual service done will ensure all the air conditioning coils are clean and filters are maintained to ensure quality air conditioning in your home.


Having your system serviced annually helps maintain the equipment to it’s highest level and allows our technicians to address minor issues before they escalate into major problems, minimising downtime and ensuring your AC is ready when you need it most.


During the Deluxe Split System Clean and Full Comprehensive Service, our technician will disassemble many system components from the wall-mounted unit and thoroughly clean them using safe, eco-friendly products to guarantee the elimination of all mould and mildew within the system. Get in touch to discuss the options regarding mould in your ducted system.

Our Promise To You

Here at Quality Air, we are driven by the pursuit to offer you the best customer experience possible.
Our customer service doesn’t end at the completion of your installation; in fact we aim to care for you for the entire lifetime of your ducted air conditioning system.

That’s why for residential customers of systems we have installed, we offer a free first service on the system 12 months after installation.*T’s & C’s apply. Please contact us on 07 3395 7633 to see if you will qualify for our first annual free service.

Quality Air exclusively uses environmentally responsible service and maintenance products of the utmost quality. When our technicians perform your annual service, they meticulously clean your return air filter(s) to eliminate all dust and other contaminants which may be present. They will then be dried and returned to your system. 

If your return air filter is old and getting thin, our technicians may recommend you replace it. They can do this while onsite and usually costs under $100 – depending on size and availability.

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