Quality Air giving back to the community.

At Quality Air, we believe in the power of giving back and making a difference in the lives of others. We are dedicated to supporting charities and actively engaging with our local community. Through our philanthropic initiatives, we strive to create positive social change and address the needs of those less fortunate. Whether it’s organising fundraisers, volunteering our time, or donating resources, we are committed to making a lasting impact and improving the well-being of the community we serve. At Quality Air, our mission extends beyond providing exceptional services; it includes nurturing a culture of compassion and generosity, where every member of our team is encouraged to contribute and support the causes that matter most to them.

Below is a list of charities we currently support. Last updated July 2023.

The Australian Red Cross is an esteemed humanitarian organization that has been providing vital support and assistance to those in need for over a century. With an unwavering commitment to humanity, impartiality, and neutrality, the Australian Red Cross plays a crucial role in responding to emergencies, providing disaster relief, and offering essential services to vulnerable individuals and communities.

Care Flight is a renowned aeromedical organization that provides life-saving emergency medical services across Australia. With a fleet of specially equipped helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, Care Flight offers rapid response and critical care to patients in remote, rural, and urban areas. Their highly skilled medical teams, including doctors and paramedics, are trained to handle complex medical situations and provide advanced pre-hospital care. Care Flight plays a vital role in transferring patients to appropriate medical facilities, ensuring they receive timely and specialized treatment. 

The Mater Foundation is a renowned charitable organization dedicated to improving healthcare and enhancing patient outcomes. With a strong focus on medical research, education, and patient care, the Mater Foundation plays a pivotal role in supporting the vital work of the Mater hospitals and research institutes. Through fundraising efforts and community engagement, they provide essential resources and support to advance medical advancements, procure cutting-edge equipment, and implement innovative programs. The Mater Foundation’s unwavering commitment to excellence and compassion has made a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals and communities.

Blue Light Police is a community-based organization dedicated to fostering positive relationships between young people and law enforcement agencies. By organizing various programs and initiatives, Blue Light Police aims to create a safe and supportive environment for youth, helping to prevent crime and build trust within communities. Through activities like youth camps, sports events, educational workshops, and mentoring programs, Blue Light Police encourages young people to make positive choices, develop life skills, and engage in constructive interactions with police officers.

Red Kite is a remarkable children’s charity dedicated to supporting families facing the challenges of childhood cancer. With a deep understanding of the emotional, practical, and financial strains that families experience during this difficult time, Red Kite provides invaluable support, resources, and services. From financial assistance and counseling to educational support and hospital stays, Red Kite strives to alleviate the burden on families and create a nurturing environment where children can thrive. 

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) is an iconic Australian organization that provides critical medical and emergency services to remote and rural communities across the country. With a fleet of aircraft equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, the RFDS delivers essential healthcare directly to those who would otherwise face significant challenges accessing medical facilities. 

Food Bank is a crucial non-profit organization that addresses hunger and food insecurity by collecting and distributing food to those in need. Through partnerships with food manufacturers, retailers, and community organizations, Food Bank acquires surplus and donated food items, preventing food waste and redirecting it to individuals and families facing hunger. They operate extensive networks of food distribution centers, food pantries, and mobile food programs, ensuring that nutritious meals reach communities across the country.

The autism spectrum refers to a range of neurodevelopmental conditions characterized by challenges in social interaction, communication, and repetitive or restricted behaviors. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects individuals differently, with varying levels of severity and unique strengths. People on the autism spectrum may have difficulties with social cues, sensory sensitivities, and verbal/nonverbal communication. However, they can also possess exceptional talents, intense focus, and a unique perspective on the world. 

The Rapid Relief Team (RRT) is a volunteer-based charitable organization that provides immediate aid and support during times of crisis and disaster. Committed to delivering rapid relief to those in need, the RRT offers assistance in the form of food, hydration, and practical support to emergency service personnel, victims of natural disasters, and vulnerable communities. 

Mission Australia is a leading non-profit organization in Australia dedicated to helping individuals and families in need. With a focus on homelessness, mental health, employment, and youth support, Mission Australia works tirelessly to create positive change and empower vulnerable individuals to reach their full potential. Through a range of services and programs, including housing assistance, counseling, job training, and youth mentoring.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), also known as Doctors Without Borders, is a renowned international humanitarian organization that provides medical assistance to people in crisis and in need of urgent healthcare. Composed of dedicated medical professionals and volunteers, MSF operates in some of the most challenging and war-torn regions around the world. Their primary mission is to provide impartial medical care regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation. MSF sets up field hospitals, delivers emergency medical aid, and provides support for healthcare infrastructure in areas affected by conflict, natural disasters, and epidemics. 

The Fred Hollows Foundation is a remarkable global organization dedicated to eradicating avoidable blindness and improving eye health for those in need. Inspired by the late ophthalmologist Dr. Fred Hollows, the foundation works tirelessly to provide access to quality eye care, particularly in disadvantaged and remote communities. Through a combination of direct medical services, training of local healthcare professionals, and community education, the Fred Hollows Foundation aims to eliminate preventable blindness caused by conditions like cataracts, trachoma, and refractive errors.