Major AC system repairs you shouldn’t try to DIY

  • Wednesday, 3rd February, 2016

There are a numbers of problems that can occur over the lifetime of your air conditioning system. Some of these problems can be fixed by you as they are minor repairs but all other problems SHOULD NOT be attempted as they can lead to dangerous situations. All major repairs should only be undertaken by a qualified electrician/technician.

Minor repairs

Problems with your air conditioning system such as a tripped circuit breaker or an incorrect thermostat setting are minor problems and can be easily fixed by you completing a few simple steps.

A tripped circuit breaker can occur when there is an overloaded circuit. In other words, something from your A/C system is making the circuit breaker overload causing it to shut off for safety reasons. You can fix a tripped circuit breaker by resetting the isolator switch.

Click here for instructions to reset your isolator switch.

Adjusting your thermostat can be easily done by setting the temperature to a lower degree on your wall control panel. Altering the thermostat by a maximum of 5 degrees should be enough to fix the air temperature. If your problem persists a qualified electrician should be called to repair the system as it may be a major repair.

Major repairs

Major repairs are basically anything that isn’t the circuit breaking tripping or the thermostat on a non-cooling temperature. We always recommend our customers to consult an electrician first before any types of repairs are performed, even if they are only minor.

All of the following are possible reasons for your system to be unresponsive and need major repairs completed.

  • Error codes
  • Faults in the motor
  • Faults in the compressor
  • Leaking refrigerant
  • Needs to be regassed
  • Corrosion of wire and terminals
  • Worn out fan controls
  • Drainage problems
  • Coil is frozen
  • Animals damaging cables

Attempting to restore a defective motor, compressor or any of the above faults yourself is very dangerous and can possibly lead to serious injury or a fatality.  Trying do-it-yourself methods could do more harm to your air conditioning unit than good. Handling exposed wires and cables when you are unqualified violates health and safety codes of practice and should never be performed. Please call our office on 07 3395 7633 if any of the above major faults occur or for our complimentary advice.


How to prevent faults in your system

Most of the time minor and major faults are preventable if you maintain your system. Getting regular services by one of our qualified service technicians and cleaning your filters by hand will help. If you do, it will be less likely for your system to develop problems.

Our professional service includes checking:

  • All system operations
  • Drains for leaks and blockages
  • Safety trays
  • Panel seals
  • Electronic connections
  • Gas and oil levels
  • Refrigeration connections and piping
  • Outlet temperatures and air flow
  • And cleaning of return air filter/s

The above checklist are preventable measures that can be taken so you have an increased chance of a longer life span for you’re A/C system and it reduces the chance of any costly repair work.

Another way that may work to prevent system faults is to run your air conditioning system moderately. This can be done by being mindful about when to start your air conditioner.  If you get home at 2pm and turn your air conditioning on with 35 degree temperatures outside, your system is going to struggle and over time this is going to cause unnecessary wear and tear on your unit. To learn more about the best time of day to start your A/C click here.

Please remember to call on 07 3395 7633 if you have any major faults in your system and we can book in for a technician to come to your residence or business to repair any problems at a convenient time that suits you.

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