The Best Time of Day to Start Your Ducted Air Conditioning

  • Tuesday, 17th November, 2020

There’s no denying, Brisbane has been having quite the heatwave these last few weeks and we’ve noticed an increase in enquiries about client’s Air Conditioning system not cooling the home when you need it most! This post will go over the best time of day to start your air conditioning system & some simple money saving tips at the same time!

Have you ever been shocked by an excessive power bill during the long, hot QLD summer months. The immediate culprit seems to be the fact that you use your air conditioning (A/C) for longer periods of time to keep the house cool. Commonly, people decide that in order to save themselves some money they leave the air conditioning off until it reaches peak temperature during the day when the heat is unbearable. But doing this, will result in your power bill being just as expensive, if not more & your home not reaching a comfortable temperature quickly.

Did you know, running your air conditioning all day could save you money in comparison to turning it on when it reaches peak temperatures outside?

Don’t believe us? Here’s how…

Ducted air conditioning systems are designed to only draw as much power as needed to cool the house. This is known as Inverter Technology. A thermostat is used to measure the temperature of the room which corresponds with the compressor. The air conditioner will then draw as much power needed to cool the necessary areas. The hotter the area is the more power is needed to cool. Therefore if you turn the air conditioning on during peak temperatures throughout the day more power is needed to cool the house effectively and the longer the unit will take to cool down.

That’s why you should PREPARE FOR THE HEAT and get in first, by turning the air conditioner on in the morning while the house is still relatively cool, set it at a higher temperature (we recommend 23 or 24 degrees). The air conditioner will draw enough power to reach the desired temperature. Providing the air conditioning is left on, it will maintain a constant temperature throughout the day. The air conditioner will start and stop automatically according to the temperature of the room. Once the house has cooled to the desired temperature the AC will cycle off.  If the room gets hotter than the desired temperature, the system will only need to draw a small amount of power to cool down again. Click here to learn more about inverter technology.

You can try this for yourself today. Turn your air conditioning on in the morning and leave it on all day. Try this for 3 months and see how your home will stay cool & comfortable all day long, and check out how your power bill turns out in comparison to only turning the AC on during peak temperatures.

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