What is Inverter Technology?

  • Friday, 26th February, 2016

Inverter Technology refers to the compressor within the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. The two most common types of compressors are the fixed speed compressor and the variable speed (inverter) compressor. The fixed speed will run at 100% of its capacity and will stop and start automatically to maintain the desired temperature. An inverter compressor will vary its speed in order to maintain a consistent temperature. The benefits of inverter technology include:

  • Power
  • Comfort
  • Cooling and Heating
  • Efficient

More Powerful

With a wider range of temperature modes for heating and cooling, the inverter is able to operate in even the most extreme outdoor temperatures. An inverter compressor can also operate faster than non-inverter air conditioners thus allowing the air conditioners to reach the set temperature faster and bring you comfort sooner.

Inverter technology more powerful

More Comfortable

When the air conditioner is initially activated to either heat or cool, the compressor will operate at maximum speed to reach the desired temperature quickly. Once the desired temperature is achieved, unlike non-inverter air conditioners that turn the compressor on and off, inverter units adjust and constantly vary the compressor speed to maintain the desired temperature with minimal fluctuation to ensure that your comfort is not compromised.

Inverter Technology more comfortable

More Efficient

An inverter’s capacity will fluctuate in order to match the air conditioning requirements, so an inverter can be more energy efficient than a fixed speed compressor as it does not stop and start its motor continually.

Inverter Technology more economical

Cooling and Heating

Quick Cooling & Heating – Inverter air conditioners can operate their compressors faster to give them more powerful performance. This results in being able to attain the desired temperature much faster in both heating and cooling modes than non-inverter air conditioners.

Inverter Technology cooling and heating

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