Warning: Electric heaters are burning a hole in your pocket!

  • Wednesday, 6th June, 2018

Electric heaters are not very effective and cost quite a bit to run, they are very popular across South-East Queensland when the cold of winter starts to bite. Although they are so popular, most people are not aware of the ongoing cost to run this form of heating.

Modern ducted air conditioning systems are made with a reverse cycle function specifically to deal with the winter weather. As Brisbane temperatures drop, it admittedly seems strange to consider using your air conditioner to keep warm. But a reverse cycle air conditioner can keep you warmer more effectively and at a fraction of the cost of an electric heater. This also has the added benefit of only needing to use one heating and cooling system all year around.

Quality Air has three reasons listed below to show how effective a ducted air conditioner is at keeping your home warm, and reasons why they are far better than plug-in electric heaters in almost every way.

  1. One third of the cost

Reverse cycle systems capitalise on using the existing heat from the air outside, whereas electric heaters have to generate through electricity which is then converted into heat.

Even on cold nights, when outside temperatures are in the single digits, the warmth in the air is utilised and extracted inside. The air passes through a refrigerant and coil, then compressed which further heats the air, and finally is pumped inside the home. This process uses one third of the energy that a heater would use, resulting in a heating bill one third of the cost!

  1. Better heat distribution

Reverse cycle air conditioners distribute the heated air more evenly through the area that is being targeted, whereas an electric heater only has the ability to heat the area directly in front of and close to the heating element.

Reverse cycle systems can also be used to filter and dehumidify air, which of course, an electric heater simply cannot do.

  1. Safety in reverse cycle

Unfortunately across the years, electric heaters have been the cause behind house fires, especially if they are left on overnight, tip over, or clothing items are placed too close to the heating element. With house fires being occurring more during the winter months, operating a reverse cycle system is a heating solution where you can rest-at-ease while it is in action within your home. Reverse cycle systems are safe, effective and affordable. In contrast, electric heaters can be dangerous, are ineffective and costly.

Contact Quality Air today for a ducted air conditioning system that will keep you cool and comfortable through summer, but also be your wintertime warmer.