Services, Warranty and Repairs. Oh my!

  • Wednesday, 17th July, 2019

Getting your air conditioning system serviced every year is of the utmost importance. We’ve compiled a list of explanations as to why, along with some information regarding what is included in your service, warranty, and repairs.


Quality Air strives to offer each of our customers the best experience possible, therefore our customer service doesn’t end at the completion of your air conditioner installation. We aim to care for you throughout the entire life of your system.

Our residential customers receive the first service to their system, valued at $227*, for free. Our professional service team carry out a full comprehensive service that includes examining the following:

  • Entire system operation
  • Drains for leaks and blockages
  • Safety trays
  • Panels for tightness and seal
  • Electronic connections
  • Gas and oil levels
  • Refrigeration connections and piping
  • Outlet temperatures and airflow
  • Cleaning of return air filters

A detailed examination checklist report of your air conditioner will be provided to you upon completion of the service.

Ensuring your system receives an annual service will increase the lifespan of the unit, and will make sure the system is running efficiently, which can save money on your power bill.

For our commercial clients, servicing is very important, especially when there are multiple units throughout the building. These systems to generally require more maintenance as they are used on a larger scale than residential systems. The most efficient way to keep air conditioning costs down is to keep each unit well maintained. This enables minimal stress on the units, avoiding system failures, and balancing the workload across the units so that one isn’t working harder than others.

A commercial service is $250* per unit, excluding parts (if needed).


We offer a ten year warranty on the workmanship and installation of your system. Alongside this, most brands offer a 5 year manufacturing warranty on parts. To keep these warranties valid, you must stay up to date with your annual services. This is essential, as if you do not service your system once a year your warranty may become void.


Unfortunately, sometime system failure is unavoidable, or may have been caused by external factors outside of the control of you or the installer. Most ducted systems can display error codes on the wall mounted control panel. If this should happen, we suggest performing a master reset on your system.

If this does not rectify the issue, contact us on 07 3395 7633. One of our friendly staff will be able to talk you through the system reset process, or any issues you may be having. In the event we are unable to resolve your issue over the phone, we will book in a time for one of our technicians to come onsite to solve the problem.

Repair work can often cost the customer:

  • A call out fee
  • The cost of labour
  • The cost of new parts (if needed)

Oftentimes, repair work can be avoided by staying up to date with your regular annual service.


*Terms and conditions apply. Price is current as of July 2019 and may be subject to change. Please contact us to see if you are eligible for your first annual free service.