• Thursday, 2nd June, 2016


Actron Connect

Actron Air has developed technology that gives you the ultimate in comfort and luxury. ActronConnect allows you to wirelessly control your air con system whether you’re at home or away. This advanced technology gives you 24/7 control over zoning, fan speed, temperature, and timers. So no matter where you are, a comfortable cooled or warmed home awaits you.

ActronConnect is an easy-to-use control system for your Actron Air residential ducted air conditioner when fitted with the ActronConnect Module (ACM-1).

By using either the ActronConnect App on your Apple iOS device or through supported web browsers from most smart phones, tablets or PC/Mac, you can monitor and control your air conditioner from wherever you have internet connectivity. For example, you can login online and control your home air conditioning system from your work desktop computer.

ActronConnect phone menu

The app is easy to use and comes with every function you could need including a dynamic colour display that indicates if your system is being cooled (blue), heated (red), fan only (green) and auto function (purple).

Much more than simply cooling or heating.

ActronConnect cooling mode

ActronConnect heating mode

ActronConnect auto modeActronConnect fan only mode

Complete control when you’re at home or away.

ActronConnect zoning controls mean you don’t have to waste energy air conditioning the whole house. If you aren’t using a particular room simply turn that zone off with the ‘Zones’ function. You can even rename individual zones to better suit your home and turn zones off with the tap of a button.

ActronConnect Zones

  • Turn Zones on or off with the Zones Function.
  • Customise each zone with your preferred name.
  • Use with ESP Platinum Ultima or ESP Ultima models, you can view the temperature of each zone.

When you’re at home ActronConnect is like a remote control.

For example, when you wake in the morning in your bedroom you can turn on the kitchen or dining zone, so when you go downstairs to make breakfast the room will be at the perfect temperature. Using the ESP Ultima model, you can even check your children’s bedroom temperature without disturbing them, perfect for a baby’s room.

How ActronConnect works.

Advanced technology makes ActronConnect possible. Whether you’re at home or away your phone or web browser connects to your home internet router. Your home internet router is used and connected to the ActronConnect module which is situated inside the indoor unit. This module then communicates with your controller to turn on and off your system, zones and adjust temperatures.

ActronConnect Home and Away

We at Quality Air have been Actron Air Platinum Dealers for nine years now and it’s something we take pride in as Actron Air supply award winning ducted air conditioning systems. They also offer a 5 year residential warranty and are Australian designed and built, that’s how you know you’re getting an Aussie made, great quality product!

If you are interested in getting ActronConnect installed in your home please contact us on 07 3395 7633 and we can arrange a free quote for you. Or simply fill out the call back option below and we will be in touch within 48 business hours.

Compatibility information

  • Wireless control of your Actron Air ducted air conditioner via your Smart Phone, iPhone, iPod, iPad or from your PC/Mac through most web browsers.
  • Compatible with ESP Platinum Plus and ESP Platinum Ultima, selected Classic (exceptions SRA230/260), ESP Plus and ESP Ultima. It is not backward compatible with any other models.
  • Requires iOS operating version 6.1.3 or above and an internet connection in conjunction with an iPhone 4 or above, iPod Touch 4th Generation and above, iPad mini or an iPad 3rd Generation and above for initial setup. Once set up, you can use ActronConnect with most other devices via a web browser.

The internet browsers that are supported by ActronConnect are:

  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Safari 6
  • Chrome 27
  • Mozilla Firefox 22

If you are only able to see parts of the web site you may need to update your browser.

  • Available for iPod Touch 4th Generation, iPad mini and iPad 3rd Generation.note: devices not include. 

The ActronConnect Module and App are available now.