Why do I need ducted Heating?

  • Wednesday, 16th July, 2014

Ducted heating systems help make your home more comfortable during the winter season. They’re one of the most reliable and cost-effective ways to maintain your home’s temperature at a desired level. These systems have the ability to efficiently distribute warm air throughout your whole home.

Here are some of the advantages in having a ducted heating system:

  • Comes in various sizes to suit your needs. Choosing the right heating system minimises your upfront and running energy costs.
  • Can be installed in both existing and homes under construction. All that is required is adequate ceiling allowance for fittings and room for ductwork
  • Modern systems utilise the same outlet and ductwork design. You don’t have to install a separate system for cooling and heating. This saves you time and money.
  • Zoning controls lets you cool or heat specific areas inside your home. With this feature, energy isn’t wasted on spaces that don’t need heating. This lowers running costs while keeping specific zones warm and cosy.
  • Reverse cycle Ducted heating systems are often referred to as a heat pump. Heat pump heating has been proven to be the most efficient method of heating your home or office.
  • With a click of a button, the system allows you to set the temperature inside your home. Its advanced control options give you complete flexibility while maintaining energy efficiency.
  • Ducted systems can also help control humidity during the summer months. They provide filtered, cooled and dehumidified air inside your home.
  • An integrated ducted heating system increases your savings by lowering running costs. They have higher Energy Star ratings, which make them ideal heating solutions for the home.

The winter season can be cold and uncomfortable. With a ducted heating system, you can keep your home warm and comfortable during winter. Let the experts at Quality Air help you choose the best ducted heating system for your home or office. For enquiries, fill out the general enquiry form or call a representative on (07) 3395 7633.