How to do a quick system check

  • Wednesday, 19th June, 2019

If your air conditioner has stopped working unexpectedly, don’t fret! There are a few easy checks that you can do yourself that could rectify the problem before needing to call for a technician. Below we’ve compiled a small guide to help fix some of the more common issues that may happen to your air conditioner.

Please note that a lot of these problems can be prevented by keeping your air conditioner adequately maintained.

Is your unit still running?

If not, you should check the outdoor unit to ensure the condenser is running. Sometimes strong winds and weather can push rubbish to stop air circulating to the entire system, this should be cleared away.

Secondly, ensure the isolator switch is turned on, and check the circuit breakers and fuses to make sure they are in place, turned on, and functioning properly.

Is the air being cooled?

When everything else is functioning correctly, but the air is not cooling to your required temperature, the condenser may be dirty or blocked. As mentioned above, ensure the outside condenser is clear of any rubbish that may be stopping airflow.

Next, make sure your air filters are clean. This can be done simply by removing the filter, vacuuming the excess lint up, washing in warm water, and then returning it to its housing once completely dried. For a more comprehensive list of steps, look at our dedicated blog post.

Did these fix the problem?

Unfortunately, sometimes there are faults that do not have an easy at-home fix. If our troubleshooting tips above have not rectified the problem you’re having, please do not hesitate to contact us to book a service with a qualified technician on 07 3395 6733.