A Guide to a Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

  • Wednesday, 13th July, 2016

This is a guide to show you what’s involved in getting ducted air conditioning installed in an existing home, and when building a new home. After your initial contact with us, and after we acquire your details, you will be asked for floor plans of the property. This usually occurs by email or if your plans are online through real estate websites. If we can’t get floor plans, an onsite inspection will be arranged promptly with our sales team.

Your Requirements

We take into account your preferences of brands, what size system your home will require, how old your home is; whether its twenty years or hasn’t been constructed yet, if it’s a high set or low set, has single or three phase power, the number of people living there and if you require finance or have a budget. If you have any specific requests, they are all taken into consideration when preparing the quote. Quality Air believes in providing a solution entirely unique to your situation.


From here, we put a specific proposal together which consists of the total investment costs of a system(s) that suits your needs. We will always try to give you at least two options of different brands to see a comparison of price and special features. You will work with our sales manager through email or phone communications until we have the perfect proposal for you. The proposal includes:

  • Quote for supply and installation
  • Guarantee booklet
  • Technical capacity and zone calculation information
  • Brand promotional material
  • 10 year installation warranty program (optional)
  • 1st service free gift certificate (conditions apply)

Once the customer indicates they would like to proceed we send a contract. Once they have signed the contract and paid a deposit we put it through to operations.

Installation in Existing Home

Installation in an existing home can sometimes be complicated as there may be obstacles depending on how well the house has been built and if it can handle new infrastructure. Problems may occur simply by a structural beam obstructing a unit going in or the home might be on single phase power when 3 phase power is needed.

Full installation- one day only

We refer to an install of a ducted air conditioning system into an existing residence as a ‘full installation’. So unless you are in the stages of building a home you are considered to be a full installation customer.

The benefits of a full installation are that it will usually only take one full day to complete, unless complications arise or electrical supply work is required.

Building a New Home

There are 2 stages when installing ducted air conditioning to a new home under construction, including the ‘rough in’ stage and the ‘fit off’ stage. Installation when building a new home is completed over a longer period of time as our installers come out to your property 2- 3 times at different stages of the build.

When arranging ducted air conditioning for a house under construction we can work with both the builder and/or the client. If you want to arrange your own air conditioning then we will work through the quotation and contract stage with you. Following this we will work with the builder to arrange suitable times for the installation to take place.

Otherwise we can work with the builder directly from initial enquiry through to installation. In this case, the builder decides on the unit and extra options that are installed. This means we most likely won’t have any interaction with you until you’re due for your first annual service a year after the installation is completed. Sometimes it can be beneficial to organise your own air conditioning opposed to your builder organising it for you because generally a builder will go for the cheapest system possible that has no extra benefits for you,  the consumer.

Rough in stage

This happens when the house is in frame stage for the builders, meaning the framework of the house is complete with trusses, steel beams, and a roof cavity. At the rough in stage our air conditioning installers will install anything that’s associated with the roof and the outdoor unit. This includes the EAR system, the evaporating unit with strapping and the outdoor condenser unit.

Fit off stage

When all the plasterboard and main structures of the house is constructed we install the vents and starters, ducts, zone controls, all electrical work, and any special features for your individual specialized system. The system is commissioned and zoning controls set up to your preference. Once this is done, your installation is considered complete.

Completed installation

Once your installation is complete and system is ready to be used, our installers give you a full run down of how the system works using the wall controls or tablet device depending on your system. You are given clear and concise instructions on how to operate your new ducted air conditioning system. We clean up all the mess made by our installation, so there is no hassle for you after we have left your property. All rubbish is removed from the premises as there may be cardboard, plastics, foam and dust.

Our completed installation also comes with our Quality Air Promise:

Don’t pay until you’re 110% happy!

We take this promise very seriously. If there is an unfortunate event where you do have an issue with your system, we will endeavour to resolve this for you ASAP.

If you would like more information on a ducted air conditioning installation please use the call back button provided below and we will call you back within 24 business hours. Otherwise contact us directly on 07 3395 7633 and we will do our best to assist your decision making process.