Your finance options: A guide to Once Credit Application

  • Wednesday, 20th July, 2016

We have all experienced the disappointment of having your eye on something to buy, knowing that you can’t pay cash up front. Once credit is the answer. It allows you to have the lifestyle you want today. Once Credit is a payment plan which allows the individual to pay over a period of time rather than upfront.

Apply, Buy, Save & Manage

At Quality Air, we are affiliated with Once who can offer you up to $25,000 interest free finance* to create the ultimate luxury in ducted air conditioning systems for your home or business *fees apply.


During application, a credit form has to be completed in order to be eligible for the payment plan. You can apply online with approval in minutes or in-store at a retailer. You can even sign the contract with an electronic signature, a completely paperless application. A ‘welcome pack’ will then be sent out in the mail 5-7 days after the contract is signed.

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Work with our sales team at Quality Air to purchase the best ducted air conditioning system to suit your needs. Get the system you want with no lump sum payment. This then allows you to have an interest free loan based upon the RRP of the product they are purchasing for 12, 24 or 36 months.

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Promotional interest free terms with Once gives you an extended period of time to pay off your larger purchases unlike other credit cards to minimise or avoid paying interest.

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Once have multiple options to manage your finances including an online access portal where you can view your statements, transactions, available funds and pay your bills using BPAY. You can also manage your account repayments with a direct debit payment arrangement so you can repay your purchases within the interest free term.

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Once Products

Once your contract is signed, you receive a welcome pack in the mail followed by a Once card which you use to make interest free purchases on ducted air conditioning with us up to $25,000! Choose from the Once Agile Card or the Once 55 Day Card to best suit your needs of air conditioning.

Once Agile Card

Once Agile Card

0% interest for 6 months on any Once Agile card purchase of $250 or more*.

*Please read Terms & Conditions, and the features, benefits and rates & fees here.


Once 55 Day Card

Once 55 Day Card

Access a network of leading of leading Once retailers to shop interest free – up to 48 months – with a Once 55 Day Card.

*Please read Terms & Conditions, and the features, benefits and rates & fees here.


We are happy to help!

If you think ducted air conditioning is out of your reach because of upfront expenses, than Once can help! If you need some advice on finance options for ducted air conditioning please contact us on 07 3395 7633 or sales@qualityac.com.au for our recommendations. Alternatively you can contact Once directly by the customer support phone line on 13 ONCE (13 6623), by email or by filling out a general enquiry form on the Once website.