Do Some Ducted Air Conditioning Research!

  • Thursday, 3rd March, 2016

Ducted air conditioning is a major investment to your property or business office and is a big commitment. Researching and being knowledgeable about air conditioning and the best brands will be beneficial to your final choice.

Things that will help:

Initial research
Before acquiring quotes from ducted air conditioning installers, doing some base research off supplier’s websites and picking out certain brands of air conditioner units will make the quoting process quicker. If you already know your favourite brands come with the right functions and controls and will cater to your family needs, you’re off to go great start.

Reading online reviews
To get an initial comparison of different brands and models of a/c units look for some online reviews. Although they are other consumer’s opinions and can sometimes be misleading they are a good beginning to you’re a/c buyer journey and a great foundation to base your information off. They can help you decide your favourite brands and help make that initial decision.

Keep in mind that a negative review isn’t always a bad thing when it’s surrounded by 20 positive reviews. All reviews are individual people’s opinions and when you compare them holistically one person’s experience should not outweigh 20 other good experiences.

Learn about the technical side of things
If you have a fair idea about what size kilowatt system you will need for your home or office this will help you greatly. This starts with knowing approximately how much area or how many rooms you want air conditioned.

Match the price for the quality
Getting the cheapest quote you can find when looking to install ducted air conditioning isn’t always in your best interest. You get what you pay for. It’s a simple as that. If you want a quality installation you will be paying a reasonable price. Although you are spending initially more money that you would with cheaper companies, if the quality of work isn’t there you will be forking out money to repair dodgy installations. Look for companies that offer guarantees.

10 year warranty on parts and labour’


Don’t pay until you are 110% happy’

This is the best way you can guarantee your ducted air conditioning installation will last for many years and work perfectly all year round.

Look at company promotions
Seek out all relevant promotions that offer discounts, money back or free gifts that can benefit you. The brand or unit you have your eye on might have a promo going or maybe a promotions will help you decided which brand to go with!

Get your information ready
Before you get a quote, make sure you have all the relevant information about the home or building you want ducted air conditioning installed in and think about your personal preferences towards the installation. This includes questions about:

  1. Building structure – Is it a high set or low set?
  2. Have you had ducted air con before?
  3. What’s your budget?
  4. Is any finance required?
  5. Do you have single phase or 3 phase power?
  6. What is the age of the property?
  7. How many people are living in the home?
  8. Are there any brands you are most interested in?
  9. Are there floor plans available? If so have these ready to email through to the company. This will help to get you’re a/c installed quicker as an onsite inspection probably won’t be necessary for your quote to be processed.

If you want ac installed during construction it’s important to get quotes well ahead of time so you have the time to decide what you want and also if you go ahead the parts can be ordered in time for installation. This saves last minute rushed decisions that won’t benefit you or your installer.

Considering your options and researching brands, suppliers and installers is the best way to start your ducted air conditioning journey. Being prepared will help the process go faster and the journey should flow better.

If you have any questions about which brand you should choose call us on 07 3395 7633.