How ducted air conditioning is installed

  • Wednesday, 28th June, 2017

The installation process for an air conditioning system can be complicated depending on your home or office requirements. Getting expert help is important to ensure that the best and most efficient solution is achieved. While it may seem easier and more affordable to try and install a system yourself, it is always recommended to get professional help, especially when maintaining your warranty validation.

About Ducted Air Conditioning

A ducted cooling system involves a series of vents in the home or office to direct cooling or heating towards specific areas of the building. The system can be as simple or complicated as required, with the ducts being unobtrusive and subtle in any interior, while you can easily use a simple control panel or App through your Wi-Fi to regulate your home or office’s temperature.

On Installing the Air Conditioning System

Choosing the right ducted air conditioning system can be an intricate and complicated process. It has to be sturdy and strong enough to run during the hottest and driest summers. The better understanding of what you want to achieve from your new ducted air conditioning system, the better cooling system you’ll have.


While most DIY techniques seem practical and cheap to look into, you’ll be more assured of a quality ducted cooling system in the long run if you get professional help. It makes more sense to consult with an air conditioning expert for your home’s project.

A cooling specialist will take a look at your home’s interior and requirements. These includes ceiling height, thickness of floorings, roof space available, insulation and house layout and match it to the right components to set up the whole system in your home or office. At Quality Air, we are able to offer a variety of brands and can fit ducted air conditioning into homes that have previously been told no.

Actual Installation

The installation team will look at the best place to install the system, considering moisture, foundation structure and the best air flow, as well as your requirements. Proper placement and smooth connections of all parts can guarantee a reliable cooling system.

Post Installation

As installation of the system is nearing completion, the technician will test-run all your designated zones. The control panel will be explained and if your system has wi-fi functionality that will also be shown if able. This means giving you complete control of temperatures, just as your commands have indicated. Check-ups are recommended yearly to gauge the functionality of your ducted air conditioning system.

Brisbane is known for its high humidity summers and chilly winters. Create a haven at home or increase worker productivity in the office with a wisely invested ducted air con system. Call Contact Quality Air to get expert advice and help with installing a new ducted air conditioning system into your home or office today.