Does my office need air conditioning?

  • Wednesday, 27th March, 2019

Did you know that the temperature of your office can affect the productivity of your office staff? It has been proven that employees will work efficiently if they are happy with how they are treated in the work environment and have good conditions to work in.

The temperature of a room or office can be a hurdle to maintain the best environment in order to receive the best results. When a work environment is uncomfortable, because it is too hot or too cold, the office temperature can decrease productivity among the employees. Therefore, air conditioning is very important in the workplace.

A temperature set too high can:

  • Increase fatigue
  • Slow employees down
  • Increase irritability

A temperature set too low can:

  • Give a feeling of being numb or slow
  • Takes more energy from the human body to keep itself warm
  • Increase agitation and become fidgety
  • It is harder for an employee to move comfortably if a jacket needs to be worn
  • Typically, employees will use the bathroom more often when they are cold

Ducted air conditioning can help!

The best way to combat the Queensland climate in an office space is by installing ducted air conditioning. Having a ducted system will allow ventilation in different parts of the building, which can all controlled by one central unit, also with zoning capabilities will enable each employee to control their individual space.

Why not just use split systems in each office? Well energy efficiency is a major factor in this. If there are more than five personal offices, or a larger open plan space it would benefit you to consider ducted over splits. When you are to add up the expenses of the cost per split system plus installation and running costs, ducted air conditioning is the more efficient option.

Achieving the optimum amount of productivity, it is wise to invest in a ducted air conditioning system. At Quality Air we have the skills and experience to help create a comfortable environment for your employees. We have worked on both large- and small-scale office spaces including show rooms, restaurants, retail spaces and more. We can conduct an onsite inspection or base a quote on your floor plans. Taking into consideration your needs and wants for the project, we design a custom quote, supply the units, and carefully install it will a follow up of verbal instruction on how to use the controls. We also offer full comprehensive annual servicing, which is essential for warranty purposes.

If your workplace needs a temperature makeover, we can help. Call us today on 07 3395 7633 for a free quote or contact us here for us to get in touch with you.