Cut back on your air conditioning bills this summer

  • Friday, 27th January, 2017

Clean your filters

Whether you’ve got ducted air conditioning or split system air conditioning, the best thing you can do to reduce running costs is clean your filters at least once a month. The purpose of having filters in an air conditioning system is to stop dust, dirt, and other particles in the air from getting dispersed into your breathing air.

If you don’t clean your filters often they can get grime build up, which creates a matting that could reduce air flow by up to 75%. Your compressor has to work harder and longer to pump out clean, cold air through the grime, resulting in a higher electricity bill. On an average bill it could easily add $60 to $100. Not only is this adding to your bill, it has the potential to aggravate allergens such as dust and bacteria floating in the air you breathe. It also means mould could be getting circulated all around your house.

Filters are very simple to clean, it can be done with a vacuum cleaner by simply sucking the dust away or in the kitchen sink using dishwashing liquid and a cloth to clean and rinse the filters. Always leave damp filters to dry before re-inserting into you’re A/C unit.


If you’re buying a new air conditioner or if you’re considering replacing your old outdated unit, register for the PeakSmart program with Energex. You’ll receive a cash back of up to $400 for allowing Energex to remotely wind down your compressor without impacting on your comfort.

Check the list of eligible brands and models or send us a general inquiry through our contact page.

PeakSmart air conditioning Installation Form.

Turning your A/C on early

A third way to combat the costs of air conditioning is to check the weather forecast and determine whether you will need your system on for the day. If you conclude you will need air conditioning to keep your home cool, turn it on as early as possible! The earlier you turn it on the easier it will be for the air conditioner to maintain your level of comfort as the compressor won’t have to work as hard against the heat.

Recommended temperature setting

At Quality Air, we recommend a seasonal temperature setting depending on the month of operation. For the extreme heat in the Queensland summer months, between 22°-24° is suggested. For the cool winter months, between 18°-24° depending on your comfort levels. The more you push your air conditioner to battle outside temps the more it will cost to operate.

Please consider these options if you would like to cut back on your electricity bills this summer. If you would like more information please call us on 07 3395 7633 or fill out a general inquiry form on our contact page.