Commercial Air Conditioning Brisbane

  • Tuesday, 23rd March, 2021

How can we help you?

We offer a superior service in ducted air conditioning for commercial clientele in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. We have successfully provided many different businesses with the control and luxury of being comfortable all year round.

Why do you need ducted air conditioning in your workplace?

It greatly increases employee productivity. Being comfortable at work is a key factor in performance. If your employees are too cold they may become agitated. If they are too hot they may become sleepy. Having a balanced climate is paramount for workplace productivity.

Why not just put split systems in each office of the building?

Energy efficiency is a major contributing factor. If you have more than 5 offices or a large open plan space in your building it would be beneficial for you to consider ducted air conditioning. If you add up the expense of cost per split system unit plus installation and running costs it is clear that ducted air conditioning is a more efficient option.

With ducted air conditioning your employees have the benefit of zone control if you choose ducted air conditioning. The temperature in each office or room can be adjusted within two degrees of the main temperature according to each individual’s climate preference.

Relationship with building contractors

We work with a vast amount of home building contractors to achieve a high level of workmanship and superior installation. With collaboration from the builders we deliver quality ducted air conditioning systems in residential spaces using floor plans to determine the best layout.

Commercial spaces we work with

On a large and small scale we can provide and install ducted air conditioning in offices, showrooms, medical facilities, restaurants, retail spaces, and more. We can do an onsite inspection or base our quote off floor plans, which ever you prefer. Taking into consideration your needs and wants for the project, we design a custom quote, supply the quality brand system, and carefully install it with a full verbal run down on how to use the controls. We can also assist you with a full comprehensive service annually, which is essential for warranty purposes.

We also offer a unique Quality Air Promise:

‘Don’t pay, until you are 110% happy’

Brands we offer

In Commercial air conditioning LG is one of our strongest brands as well as Daikin, Advantage Air and Actron Air. We aim to offer all quality brands of air conditioning so we can cater to what you want! We can also offer Fujitsu, Samsung, Mitsubishi Electric, and Panasonic. It’s your choice!

Air Diffuser/Vent designs

Ducted heating and cooling for comfort in any seasonal temperature will be further complimented by visually aesthetic vent/outlet design. This is important especially if you are getting ducted air conditioning installed in a large building. Vents that are minimalistic and unnoticeable helps any office space look more appealing for employees and potential clients.

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