What brand is the best when it comes to ducted air conditioning?

  • Friday, 6th August, 2021

It’s difficult to select the best ducted air conditioning unit according to brand, particularly when each one appears to have similar features and great prices. If you need help, below are some things to consider when selecting a branded air conditioning unit:

Top brands to choose from

Daikin, Actron Air, LG, Samsung, Fujitsu and Panasonic ducted air conditioning units have been a popular choice for Brisbane residents for many years, able to cope with the local weather conditions. A good practice is to check on the consumer reports of the brands if you want a comprehensive review on their products. This gives you a good basis in determining the reputation of each manufacturer.

Services on warranty and support

The warranty a brand provides for their ducted air conditioning unit is the second thing to consider. It’s a good idea to check the coverage provided by the company. The warranty comparison along with the features provided allows you to decide which unit provides the best value. A good ducted air conditioning unit warranty should have a parts and labour period of at least 12 months. A good brand should also provide their services through numerous communication services, such as phone and email support.

Recommendations from contractors

Property builders and contractors have a better insight on which branded ducted air conditioning unit offers value for money. Contractors may also know which brand provides better customer service support and warranty coverage. You can ask for their advice if you are hiring them to renovate or construct your house.

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