Best ways to maintain your air conditioner

  • Wednesday, 15th January, 2020

Air conditioners have several somewhat intricate elements. Each of these must work together for the unit to operate at its optimum. If any of these parts aren’t operating at their best, the efficiency of the entire unit will be compromised. Below we list some air conditioning maintenance tips, as well as some commonly encountered problems.


Air conditioner filters are vital in the overall performance. They are designed to remove dust particles and debris from the air before it goes into the conditioning system. This is to ensure the air within the unit is clean and incapable of damaging the internal components of the machine. When a filter becomes clogged, the air flow will be limited and can be detrimental to the functionality and efficiency of the machine.

  • Functionality – When a filter is full, the air may bypass filtration entirely. This allows dirt to damage the operation of internal parts of the air conditioner including the evaporator and condenser coils. Further, the system may then be not able to cool the air sufficiently.
  • Efficiency – This relates directly to the power consumption of an air conditioner. Full air filters will limit air flow, therefore forcing the system to work harder to cool which then consumes more energy.

Filters can usually be cleaned and replaced quite easily without the need of a professional. Cleaning should be done regularly, with additional attention needed should there be pets present.


Evaporator and condenser coils are also an integral part to how an air conditioner runs. There are some steps that you may take to ensure the system is operating at its best. Largely, this involves cleaning the coils to remove any build-up of dirt or ice that could halt effective operation. However, steps beyond this should only be performed by a fully qualified professional as coolant can be harmful, and releasing the coolant into the atmosphere is illegal.

To avoid expensive damage it is recommended to clean filters and coils regularly to maintain the air conditioning unit runs at its highest possible capacity. Having your system fully serviced and cleaned by professionals should also be done at the least once a year.

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