7 easy steps to clean your air conditioner filter

  • Wednesday, 26th September, 2018

Is the air conditioning filter sign flashing on your control panel? This means it is time to clean your filter. The filter media is inserted into the return air grill which is installed into the ceiling located in a central area of the house.

If you follow these seven easy steps, your filter will be clean in no time:

  1. Undo the return air grill frame fixing. This is usually a thumb screw or a sliding clip
  2. Swing the frame open and let it hang vertically
  3. Slide out the filter
  4. Vacuum the lint off the filter
  5. Wash the filter in warm water
  6. Let the filter completely dry in the sun
  7. Slide the filter back into the grill, close the grill back into the recess and fasten the closure

Why is it important to clean air filters?

While some consider cleaning the return air filter as an unnecessary or low priority task, it is in fact one of the key steps to maintaining an efficient system. Ducted air conditioning circulates throughout the entire house and feeds through the return air filter to start the cycle again. Keeping a clean filter is paramount because the air that feeds through here is what is recycled throughout your home.

If this filter isn’t cleaned, the dust and lint build up and consequently will restrict the air flow to the indoor unit. When the flow is restricted, the system works harder and uses more power to try to suck the air through. If the dust manages to blow past the filter, it can potentially damage the fan coil. It may also pass through the fan coil and circulate though your home, polluting the air which can create health issues.

Filters should be cleaned every 3-4 months in a residential system, and once a month in commercial systems. The filter light is set to automatically remind you to clean it every 6 months, however it is important that it is done regularly.

Quality Air cleans your filters as part of your annual service, which means there’s one less time in the year that you need to clean it yourself.

How long has it been since your filter has been cleaned? Follow our seven-step guide above, or call us today on (07) 3395 7633 to arrange for one of our technicians to visit your home.