5 Reasons to keep your air conditioning filters clean

  • Tuesday, 28th March, 2017

This filter is toxic and quite frankly, disgusting. There are a number of different reasons why you should maintain the cleanliness of your A/C filter:

  1. Toxic to breathe

    This is not a drill. If you ducted air conditioning filter looks like this image above you NEED to clean it! There could be all sorts of harmful bacteria floating in the air you breath because you filter is struggling with the immense back log of dust, hair, dirt, and anything else you can see in this awful picture.

  2. Your health

    This could be affecting your health. We recommend checking your filter every month for this build up, especially in Spring months with an increase in pollen and allergies and if you’re an asthma or hay fever sufferer.

  3. Cheaper to run

    If your filter looks like this, you’re wasting money. If your ducted A/C system has to push air through a filter like this, the system has to work harder and consequently you pay more money for it as it’s not as efficient as it should be.

  4. Peace of mind

    When you have a clean filter your system doesn’t work as hard to provide fresh air which usually means your system is going to have a longer life. You have that peace of mind knowing your system is working efficiently and it’s less likely to stop.

  5. Warranty

    Usually, an installer like Quality Air will offer a warranty. We offer a 10-year workmanship warranty on all our installations but this warranty can be voided if you’re not looking after your system. We insist you get a professional to service your air conditioner at least once a year and you should try cleaning your filters every 3 months. To ensure your warranty stays intact.

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