5 Air Conditioning Quick Fixes that Could Get You Out of Trouble

  • Monday, 8th August, 2016

The temperature has just peaked at 35° in the middle of summer, you finally give in and turn you air conditioning on to come to the awful realisation that it’s not working like it should be. Who you gonna call? Hopefully not Ghostbusters. Call us on 07 3395 7633. Alternatively read below for some quick fixes to your sticky situation.

  1. Resetting the isolator switch

Locate your outdoor unit and there should be an isolator switch close by. It tends to look like a commercial on/off switch. Turn the isolator switch off, leave it off for an hour (the longer the better) and go buy an ice cream. Turn the switch back on and hopefully your air conditioning system has now reset itself and has started working on cooling your house down.

  1. Clean your return air filter

When your return air filter doesn’t get cleaned regularly, it can significantly affect the functionality of your ducted air conditioning system and you could be breathing in the build-up of the dust and lint your filter has captured. You can clean your filter by hand washing it with water or vacuuming the dust off. If you do hand wash with water make sure the filter is completely 100% dry, otherwise water could get trapped in your system.

  1. Turn your system on in the morning

If you’ve check the weather forecast and you know it’s going to be a very hot day, use this to your advantage and turn the air conditioning on first thing in the morning. This will help your system combat the heat because it won’t have to work as hard compared to if you turned the system on in 40° heat. Also when you turn your air con on try to close all the blinds\curtains in the house to stop the sun forcing heat through your home.

  1. Preventable measures

You can minimise potential failures in the future by getting a service done before summer hits. Advantages; you can beat every man and his dog before the summer rush hits, your system is less likely to break down in the middle of summer when you need it most and your system will be a lot more efficient with power usage, especially as you will most likely use the system everyday over summer and you will want to keep electricity costs down.

Servicing your ducted air conditioning system is recommended to occur at least once a year at the minimum. If you have a brand new system servicing will need to be done on a regular basis to keep your warranty valid in most cases.

  1. Get a pool! 

Get a pool!

Sometimes there is a more severe fault within the system that can’t be fixed by you and needs the experience of a licenced electrician. If you’ve tried all these things and don’t want a pool call us to book in for a service or repair 07 3395 7633. Please do not attempt to fix the system yourself. DIY electrical work can be fatal and we are happy to assist you.