What’s that sound? 3 common air conditioning problems

  • Wednesday, 18th August, 2021

Air conditioning units, like most electrical appliances, can break down at any time without notice. Thankfully, not all units will run through problems. When well-maintained and taken care of, there isn’t usually anything to worry about. However, there are some problems that are likely to affect a lot of air conditioners, regardless of how well they are maintained.

The following are 3 common air conditioning problems:

Loud noises

Occasionally, air conditioners will start to make loud, sometimes deafening, banging or wailing noises. If this occurs, there could be some serious problems with the unit. Usually, the loud noises are the result of an uneven fan motor. This fix is not difficult, but as there is high powered electrical machinery involved, you will need a licenced professional to fix it. During this time, you should not turn on the air conditioner until it has been fixed, as turning it on could cause further damage.

While the technician is servicing your unit, it is also a good idea to get them to check the bearings of the motor as well – they may also need replacing.

Foul smell

Bad smells in air conditioners may be caused by a number of things, including:

  • Mould, mildew or fungi growth as a result of a blocked drainage pipe
  • Smells outside that are brought in through the air conditioner via the condensate drain
  • Small dead animals in or around the air conditioner

The first of these problems is easily the most common – and is an indication that you need to get your air conditioner serviced as soon as possible. Having a blocked pipe can potentially cause a build-up of water within the unit, which will cause far more damage if not taken care of in time. Booking a regular service for your unit will aid to prevent this.

Some smells, particularly the ones drawn in from outside may eventually be blown out of the system. If you believe this to be the case, you can try leaving your unit on for five minutes with the fan on full.

If you suspect the smell to be from a dead animal, such as a mouse, possum, lizard or bird, you should first check around the outside unit to see if you can identify the source. However, if the smell seems to be coming from inside the unit then rodents could possibly have gotten in through the ducting and perished, a licenced technician should be contacted to remedy the issue.

Leaking refrigerant

A refrigerant leak could indicate a small hole or holes in the air conditioning pipeline. This means the refrigerant that would normally be cooling the air, isn’t reaching its appropriate destination. You may be tempted to simply refill the refrigerant. However, this will cost unnecessary money and is likely to be dangerous. To properly fix the leak, a qualified technician will need to repair and test the system to ensure it runs at full potential. If possible, the air conditioning unit should be turned off at the circuit breaker until a repair technician arrives.

Those are just some common air conditioning problems. However, if you experience anything unusual with your system, contact a professional technician immediately. Call us today.