Three tips to run your air conditioner at its best

  • Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

The following are some handy tips to make sure you’re running your air conditioning at its most efficient.

1 Set the temperature appropriately for the season

Resist the temptation to want to live in an igloo throughout the summer months, and in the tropics during winter. It can put additional strain on your air conditioning unit, and cause it to not run optimally.

We suggest setting the temperature between 18-21⁰C in winter and between 23-26⁰C in summer. Each degree you move away from these temperatures, you can consume up to 8% more energy.

Check out our previous blog about recommended air conditioner temperatures for more information.

2 Clean the filters regularly

Quite a lot of dust and dirt can build up within air conditioner filters when not properly maintained. Blocked filters will force the unit to work harder, and therefore requires more energy.

Cleaning the filters is generally an easy and straight-forward process that can be achieved in only a few minutes with a vacuum cleaner. Find our tips here on how to clean the filters. However, we do suggest calling us for further advice, or consult the units’ user manual if you are unsure of what is to be done.


3 Be aware of the fan speed

In Queensland, our summer days can become very humid. Having the fan set to a slower speed will actually cool the air more effectively. This is due to the air moving slower through the cooling equipment, allowing more moisture to be removed from it.