Revolutionise your winter!

  • Wednesday, 1st March, 2017

Just because we live in South East Queensland doesn’t mean it never gets COLD! Yes, we are used to a hotter climate but that means when the winter chill hits, it hits hard!! Frosty cold mornings when waking up for work is not ideal, but you can combat the winter blues by installing ducted air con.

Benefits of installing ducted air con in winter

Instead of wearing 15 layers of clothing around the house at night with a blanket and slippers, you could be wearing one layer of pyjamas and have full mobility.

Comfortable sleep
Instead of those thick pyjamas and that oversized think doona that makes you stick to your bedsheets, you could be sleeping comfortably without tossing and turning.

Your toast won’t get cold on those freezing winter mornings.

The bathroom
It’s not the best feeling in the world to sit on an ice-cold toilet seat.

The shower
Having a glorious hot shower and stepping out into the cold and getting dressed as fast as possible could be over for you.

The flu
When you have a blocked nose and your throat is red raw it’s not very pleasant to breathe in ice cold air through your mouth, especially at night when you’re trying to recuperate.

If you have children you know how much a good night sleep can benefit them. Make sure they are getting a restful night sleep without worrying about the cold midnight air.

You can set your ducted air con on a timer. That means if you don’t want your A/C on all night you can set your controller to come on 30 mins before you get out of bed, so you can actually pull yourself away from your bed at 6 AM.

Inaccuracies about heating mode


What seems to be a common misconception, depending on what temperature you have your thermostat set at, you don’t have to worry about your next electricity bill when you use ducted air con in reverse cycle/heating mode.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a belief that using your ducted air con to heat your home instead of cool your home will result in a high priced electricity bill when in most circumstances this is not the case. There is actually very little difference cost wise depending on how you run your system.

*Note; based on A/C temps set at 24° in summer months and 20° in winter months.


Just because it’s freezing outside, doesn’t mean your home has to be. For your no-obligation, free ducted air con quote head to our website, fill out a quote form and upload your house plans or call 07 3395 7633 now and find out how ducted air conditioning can revolutionise your winter.