How much does ducted air conditioning cost to run?

  • Wednesday, 12th May, 2021

This is a very common question that our sales team answers on a frequent basis, but the only way to answer this question in the most accurate way possible is to take into account all the contributing factors and the internal makeup of a specific system such as the make, model, size and other specific features for your air conditioning needs.

The best way to get the most accurate running costs of an air conditioner is to determine the exact air conditioning components to calculate expenses. A similar situation would be to determine the cost of running a car. You would have to take into consideration the size of the engine, the driving conditions, the cars fuel efficiency and the cost of fuel to be accurate.

How to Calculate Your Ducted Air Conditioning Running Costs

The first thing to do when determining the cost of running air conditioning is to select your air conditioning system. You’ll need to think about the area you want to be cooled or heated and then size your component requirements from this. You should also consider the power rating of different units: the higher the rating, the more energy efficient the unit is.

Calculate Approximate Ducted Aircon Running Costs

  1. From your recent electricity bill find the cost per kWh in cents.
  2. Refer to the air conditioning manufacturer’s brochure, or the printed label on the side of your unit, and find the electrical consumption (Total Input, kW) at its rated capacity of the air conditioning.
  3. Multiply the cost per kWh by the unit’s electrical consumption at its full rated capacity.
  4. This equals the cost per hour to run the ducted air conditioning in cents.
  5. Calculate your daily cost to run ducted air conditioning by working how long the aircon will run and at what capacity.
  6. For example, if your electricity costs 20 cents per kWh and your unit has a total input of 3kW per KWh at full rated capacity, the cost per hour would be 60 cents p/h. If you intend to run the unit for 8 hours at 50% capacity, then the cost per hour would be:

20 x (3 x 50%) = 20 x 1.5 = 30 cents p/h

And the cost for 8 hours would be 30 x 8 = $2.40.

You may have different rates charged for your electricity at different times of the day taking into consideration peak rate times. If this is the case, you will need to make more than one calculation.

How to Keep Your Air Conditioning Running Costs Down

There are multiple ways to save money when running your ducted air conditioning which can significantly impact your electricity bill.

  1. Set your air conditioning at 24°.
  2. Start your air conditioning early in the morning.
  3. Use your zoning function and turn off a/c in unoccupied rooms.
  4. Draw the curtains to keep heat from outside seeping in
  5. Keep up-to-date with your annual service to make sure your system is running efficiently.
  6. Clean your filter (return air grill) regularly. Click here for a ‘how to’ guide.

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