How is ducted air conditioning installed?

  • Thursday, 17th February, 2022

Ducted air conditioning consists of a series of vents in the ceiling cavity of the home or office to direct heating or cooling to specific areas of the building. This set up can be as simple or as complicated as necessary and each system installed is suited to your individual requirements.

Picking the right air conditioning system for your needs can be a confusing process. The system must be strong enough to endure the hottest summer days, but also be able to warm the area during the winter chill. When you understand what your home requires from your air conditioning system, the better the system we design, and install is for your needs.

When beginning the installation process, a specialist will look at your home’s interior and requirements including ceiling height, thickness of flooring, available roof space, insulation and house layout. With these taken into consideration, we can choose the right components to set up the entire system in your home or office. We have a variety of brands available to us at Quality Air and can install air conditioning into already established homes.

Our installation team will look at the best location to install your system, taking into consideration moisture, foundation structure and the best air flow, as well as your personal requirements. Proper placement and clean connections of all the parts can guarantee a reliable cooling system.

As the system installation is nearing completion, our technicians will test-run the entire system. The control panel will be explained, and if your system has wi-fi functionality this will also be shown to you. This means you will have complete control of temperatures in each zone, just as your requirements would indicate. Annual check-ups and servicing are recommended to gauge the functionality of your ducted air conditioning system.

Brisbane is known for having humid summers and chilly winters. Ducted air conditioning can create a haven in your home or increase productivity in the office. Contact Quality Air today to get expert advice and help with your air conditioning installation.