Flu season; how air conditioning can help

  • Friday, 1st September, 2017

As Queensland has experienced one of the worst flu seasons in history, a sickness that can in extreme cases be fatal especially for the young and elderly, we can help by providing options to manage the environment a sick person lives in.

Your home

All the different strains of Influenza are not something to be taken lightly. The flu can get out of control very quickly and can even trigger other sickness like pneumonia and asthma attacks. This is why when you have the flu you should be at home resting, not spreading it around your workplace or other public spaces.

Your home should be considered your safe haven until you get better, which is why it’s important that your home is a reasonable temperature for you to recuperate. If your home is too cold or too warm it can severely impact your flu symptoms making them worse.

For example; if your child has a fever, having a ducted air conditioned zone controlled room is an advantage, as you can set the room temperature to whatever is comfortable for your child while the rest of the house stays at a standard temp.

Being comfortable

To manage symptoms, being comfortable is extremely valuable when you’re sick. The correct room temperature for you personally will help you sleep and re-energise which is vital when fighting the flu. Sleep and remaining hydrated will help you recover quicker and a temp moderated room will assist this.

Clean systems

Having a reasonably clean ducted air conditioning system is also important when you’re sick as dust pollutants can disrupt your airways causing asthma attacks or coughing fits. You need clean air circulating around your house so if your air con system hasn’t been cleaned by a professional in at least a year, we highly recommend booking a service, especially if your family is sick.

A good night sleep

Sleep settings on your AC controller can be very helpful when you or a loved one is sick because it will maintain a constant temp throughout your home even on those frosty 7° winter mornings. You can either use a timer so your air conditioning comes on at a certain time of the night, usually at the coldest time of night. Or simply have you AC on consistently throughout the night as your inverter system will maintain a constant temperature.

If you are interested in getting ducted air conditioning, please fill out a quote form online and we will be happy to assist you in your air conditioning needs. If you think your existing air conditioning system may be overdue, please book a service by filling out a service form online and we will be in contact with you ASAP. For a more direct response please call 0733957633 and will do our utmost to accommodate preferable dates and times.