Creating a Productive Workplace

  • Tuesday, 22nd March, 2016

It can be a struggle to keep your employees proactively working with their minds focused on the task at hand. The best way to prevent unproductive employees in the workplace is coming up with solutions to free workers from boredom and keep their work environment alive and well maintained.  It has been proven that employees will work efficiently if they are happy with the way they are being treated and they have good conditions to work in.

Below is a number of ways you can help your employees achieve greatness in their work without them feeling like they are withering away into nothingness.


Communication with ALL of your employees on a regular basis is detrimental to keep them working hard and making them feel like they have a purpose and what they are doing is important and valuable to the business. Without communication they will often make a swift exit from the business because they feel unsatisfied in their positions.


Music is a great start to working on the atmosphere of your business. If the mood around your workplace is dull and boring it is inevitable for employees to think their work is dull and boring and consequently their jobs. If you want your employees to stick around for the long haul you have to make them want to. Many companies offer their employees have the radio on during work hours. Listening to Music increases work productivity and overall happiness as they can bop along to their favourite tunes.


An employee will be more efficient if they are working under the correct lighting. It will improve the mood of the environment and help them see well. Also if there is dull lighting this can often make employees tired. The best colour temperature to use for office lighting is cool white, which is about 5500k. Lighting below 5500k can be harsh on the eyes and make it hard to read paperwork and computer monitors.


Encouraging your employees to exercise is a sure way to set them up for a healthy lifestyle. Mental instability is quite common in this era and spoken about more to prevent further mental illness. A way to combat depression is exercise as it releases endorphins into the body. Exercise will also help with the 3pm blues most workers get affected by, increasing their energy to power on throughout the day.

Work life balance

Setting up a good work-life balance, were working hours are balanced fairly will help your employees feel as though you do care about their wellbeing. Making sure any overtime (more than 38 hours per week) is kept as time-in-lieu for your employees to have rostered days off will improve your employee’s attitude towards their job. They will work harder for you because they want to do their best for you.


A main component of a workers environment is the temperature of the room or office building they work in. It can be quite a challenge to boost employee morale. It’s yet another hurdle to set the optimal environment to make sure they deliver the best results. If a work environment is uncomfortable, whether it is too hot or too cold, the office temperature can lessen productivity among employees. This is why air conditioning is so important in the workplace.

Higher temperatures can:

  • Increase fatigue
  • Slow employees down
  • Increase a worker’s irritability

When it’s too cold:

  • A worker can feel numb and slow
  • It takes more energy for the body to keep itself warm
  • Being cold can just plainly be annoying when working
  • Become agitated and fidgety
  • It’s harder for an employee to be agile with gloves and jackets being worn
  • Generally an employee will use the bathroom more if they are cold

How ducted air conditioning can help

The best way to combat temperature climates, especially in QLD, is ducted air conditioning. Ducted air conditioning is a system which allows ventilation in different parts of your building’s floor all controlled by one central unit, but with the ability to change the temperature in different spaces, catering to an each employee’s individual preferences. What makes this kind of air conditioning efficient is its ability to channel air towards several divisions of your establishment in an efficient and cost effective manner.

If your aim is to achieve as much productivity as possible, it’s a wise choice to invest in ducted air conditioning. If you are looking to install commercial air conditioning in the Brisbane region, consider Quality Air. We have the skills and experience to help create a comfortable environment for your employees, increasing productivity and profits for you.

If your workplace is in need of a productivity makeover we can help with your overall temperature environment. Give us a call on 07 3395 7633 for a free quote or email us at sales@qualityac.com.au for a sales consultant to contact you.