Why Your Business Needs Ducted A/C

  • Monday, 23rd November, 2015

The best way for you and your employees to survive the Queensland heat is ducted air conditioning. Studies have shown that the levels of humidity and the temperature within the workplace have a direct impact on the levels of productivity and concentration spans of employees.

If a room temperature is too hot, it is likely to have a negative effect on employees by making them feel drowsy; as a result their levels of concentration decrease massively. On the other end of the temperature spectrum, if the workplace is too cold then it has been demonstrated that this coolness can led to illnesses and subsequent sick days.

With ducts and internal units entirely hidden, ducted air conditioners are generally the best looking units. Even though they tend to be more expensive, they are still the best option if you have a large commercial space. If you think this unit would be the best fit for your business, think about the type of ceiling you have. Ducted systems can be retrofitted if you have a suspended ceiling, meaning that your business will suffer the least amount of downtime.

Benefits of Ducted A/C

  • You’re comfortable all year round.
  • It increases the value of your business.
  • It makes your business more welcoming to clients and employees.
  • Health benefits: heat stroke and other heat related illnesses can be prevented.
  • Your employees will be happier and more productive.
  • Increased safety. It has no exposed flames, elements or fan preventing risk of injury.
  • It is one of the most efficient air conditioning options. With zone control and inverter technology, these avoid unnecessary use of power.
  • The return on investment is approximately 2 years.
  • The system is discreetly installed into the roof cavity with only vents and controls making visual appearance in the business.

Below are the four most common industry scenarios that would benefit from getting ducted air conditioning installed:


Working in the heat, like some retail hardware stores, has adverse effects on employees as they get frustrated in the hot and busy summer months with increased trading hours.  Having ducted air conditioning is a great way to make sure your customers have a pleasant experience while shopping in your store and keep your employees happy and hydrated.

Health Facilities

If you have split systems installed and are starting to realise it’s just not good enough to subdue the heat, then ducted air conditioning is for you. When dealing with ill patients the temperature is the last thing you want to worry about, as it could potentially make their condition worse. Ducted air conditioning can give you whole facility coverage in every room, maintaining the desired temperature and keeping everyone comfortable.


Split system air conditioners for large commercials businesses just don’t cut it. Having multiple split systems all adds up and the running costs can be excessive. By comparison ducted A/C is one, efficient unit with cost-effective running expenses. Your employees will also be happier, healthier and better workers overall with ducted air conditioning. They will be able to control the temp of their individual room/work area with zoning controls so they can be comfortable all year round with a temperature tailored to their needs.



It’s not just about the food, it’s about the atmosphere. Keeping your hungry customers comfortable is crucial as there is nothing stopping them from walking out and even giving a bad review. No one wants to be trying to enjoy a meal and have to sit uncomfortably in the heat.

The answer to all four scenarios is ducted air conditioning. It will not only improve performance of employees and leave customers with an enjoyable experience, it is also very cost and energy effective compared to other forms of air conditioning.

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