Are you ready for Christmas?

  • Friday, 2nd December, 2016

With the extreme heat and humidity of a Queensland Summer, the last thing you want is your air conditioner breaking down just when you’ve pulled out the Christmas ham. Predicted to be the hottest temperatures we’ve had for some years, it’s important to make sure you are prepared.


The best way to avoid having any problems with your ducted air conditioning is booking in a service to maintain the integrity of your system. We highly recommend servicing your system at least annually to get maximum comfort and reliability. A well maintained system can last many years.

Ducted air conditioning service, warranty and repair

Closing down period

We close down over the Christmas break but there’s still time to book in a service before Santa arrives! There are limited spots available so get in quick.

Quality Air closes on the 23rd December 2016 and reopens on the 9th January 2017.

Tips for Christmas day

Celebrating with your family on Christmas day is a special event and you don’t want that ruined by the heat. If you’re planning to celebrate in the comfort of your home, here are the best ways to counteract the heat:

  1. Turning on your system early morning (6-7am). This helps your system so it doesn’t have to strain to make it to your desired temperature as it doesn’t have to battle with the midday heat. If you’re not an early riser on Christmas day, use the timer function so your system automatically turns on.
  2. Try to keep as many of your curtains draw as possible to keep the sun out.
  3. Concentrate the A/C on the zoned areas your guests will be spending most of their time in for the day, not the bedrooms.
  5. Clean you return air filter beforehand. Get a step-by-step guide here.

Urgent matters

If you have a matter of urgency you can contact our Service Manager directly via email and he will respond to you ASAP.


In the meantime, you could also try resetting your isolator switch which can get your system up and running as it reboots your system operations. Get the instructions here.

Severe weather

Severe storms and the summer season go hand in hand, that’s why it’s important to prepare for them now. As with any electrical system or device it is recommended to turn off your ducted air conditioning system in the event of a lighting storm. That way if your home happens to get struck by lightning your system won’t get damaged by a power surge.

If your air conditioning system isn’t working and there has been a storm in your area, there is a high chance the system has tripped the circuit breaker. Make sure you double check the switchboard and isolator switch are on.

Book a service

Or call 07 3395 7633 to book in a service with our service consultant.