5 Reasons Why Spring is the Best Season to Buy Ducted Air Conditioning

  • Wednesday, 14th October, 2015

Spring might be the time for cleaning and nature to bloom but it is also the best time to get your ducted air conditioning installed. Below are some great reasons why.

  1. Beat the rush
    As every air conditioning business would know, the summer heat means an influx of clients wanting air conditioning installed in their homes and businesses. Instead of competing for installation with every other man and his dog, getting air conditioning in spring could reduce you installation wait time by up to two weeks.
  1. Beat the heat
    As we get closer to summer it gets hotter and hotter. Avoiding the sticky humidity of the summer months by installing air conditioning in spring is something you won’t regret as we all know it gets humid long before the 1st December in Queensland. 
  1. Prepare for severe weather delaying installation
    Working with electrical wiring and installing air conditioning in severe weather like rain, lightning or thunderstorms is simply not an option for our electricians and air conditioning installers. For the safety of our clients and everyone involved on the work site, installations will have to cease if deemed dangerous conditions. To make sure your installation doesn’t get held up by brutal Queensland weather, get your ducted air conditioning installed in spring. If you’re considering getting ducted air conditioning installed don’t wait any longer, take advantage of the fine weather in spring.
  1. Make the most of the Panasonic FREE TV promotion
    Panasonic have a fantastic promotion to offer with the purchase of selected Panasonic ducted air conditioners. You could be saying HELLO to a Bonus  40″ Panasonic TV valued at $949 RRP. This promotion ends on the last day of spring, 30th November 2015.For terms and conditions click here.For instructions on how to redeem click here.
    Claims must be received within 22 calendar days of the purchase date and no later than 22 December 2015.
  1. Spring means hay fever for some
    Spring is the worst time of the year for hay fever sufferers with all the extra pollen in the air as flowers are in full bloom. Installing ducted air conditioning will help with filtering pollen and allergens that get into your home and reduce symptoms of hay fever.As an added provision against hay fever you could also consider getting a Hypersan filtration system. This will protect you and your family from poor air quality as it proactively sanitises and kills bacteria, mould and viruses resulting in a continuous higher quality of air in your home.Hypersan Logo CMYK

As we are coming to the peak season of trade for ducted air conditioning, we highly recommend getting AC installed now. Visit this page if you would like more information about ducted air conditioning.

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