Rochedale, Queensland

Commercial Project - Neobuild

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    2 storey residence


    6 zones
    5 bedrooms
    10 vents
    1 unit (14kW)
    Single phase power


    Advantage Air 6 Zone wall mounted control panel


    Samsung & Advantage Air



  • Although the commencement of working with Neobuild has been fairly recent, we appreciate the quality of homes they build for their clients. A recent home in Rochedale is a collaboration of skills in both air conditioning and the building industry.

    The Objective

    To add the comfort and temperature control this residence needs to be complete with all luxury accommodations.

    The Process

    After being provided with extensive floor plans from Neobuild, which included everything from electrical workings to external finishes, we were able to prepare in depth layout of what ducted air conditioning systems would be suitable and were the vents and duct should be positioned throughout the luxurious home. After Neobuild and their client were happy with our proposals they chose a system and we proceeded with the installation in due course. The 362 sqm 2-storey residence was ready to be built and rough-in to commence.


  • Proposed Zones

    samsung UNIT

    Samsung inverter 14kW single phase model.

    1. Master bedroom
    2. Bedroom 2/3/4
    3. Media
    4. Void
    5. bedroom 5
    6. Kitchen/family/meals
  • Supply

    We offered 3 different branded systems to be installed including Samsung, Daikin, and Fujitsu ranging from 14-15.5kW single phase reverse cycle ducted air conditioing models.

    Chosen Brands

    The Samsung system was chosen for its efficiency and trust worthy name. An Advantage Air 6 zone control panel was also chosen to assist the Samsung system and to get maximum control and enjoyment for the Neobuild Client.


    The main controller will be a Samsung programmable wall mounted controller and mounted in a central location.

    Advantage Air

    The zone controller is an Advantage Air 6 zone electronic control panel mounted adjacent to the AC controller.

    Customised Features

    • Advantage Air 6 Zone wall mounted
    • Samsung programmable wall mounted controller
    • Insulated round ceiling vents
    • Square 4 way directional vents
  • Installation

    Coordinating with Neobuild, installation was simple with both rough-in and fit-off stages. Workmanship was impeccable from both our install team and Neobuild construction teams. We nominated a zone system which will enable a combination of zones to be operational at any one time. This allows for the efficient running of the air conditioning system as not all rooms and areas will be habituated at the same time.

  • Results

    This 14kW Samsung reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system with Advantage Air features compliments this Rochedale home perfectly and adds to the market value. There is no better luxury than ducted air conditioning as it creates comfort throughout the whole home any time of the year.

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